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Formula 1 and Chiropractic

Well, it was close, but in the end Nico Rosberg showed great racing skill and mental resilience to finish second...


I first went to see Andrew 6 months ago as I’d been getting numbness and then severe pain in my foot and leg for some time and also my lower back. It made walking and even sleeping difficult and was, at times somewhat alarming. Never having been to a Chiropractor before, I was understandably a little apprehensive, but I needn’t...
How we helped treat Val Bird’s back and neck pain

Val Bird

Both my husband and I have been treated by Andrew for approximately two years. I had neck and lower back issues and my husband generally his lower back. We are both very busy and active people and do not have the time to be immobile. We became really frustrated not being able to do activities we normally do without discomfort...
How we helped Barbara Townsend’s Neck and Back Pain

Barbara Townsend

Children's book author

I first met Andrew in Wiltshire in Autumn 2014 as I had been suffering neck problems for 10+ years and getting fed up with it. After years of seeing other Chiropractors and Osteopaths just to resolve the symptom he actually worked hard to diagnose the underlying condition and worked on it 2–3 times a week for 3 months which then...
How we helped treat Stuart Owen’s Neck Pain

Stuart Owen

After several weeks of seeing Andrew I noticed my headaches (of which I was getting several a week at the end of work) were gone, my back pain which would annoy me in the evenings was gone and I continued to feel ‘looser’. Thanks to Andrew I have finally got my spine moving again and feel less like an ‘old woman’.
How we helped treat Rose Millward’s back pain and headaches

Rose Millward

"I can now walk with my husband on short walks, stand for longer periods and work at a sewing machine. All pain-free with my back."
How we helped treat Sandra Marshall’s Back Pain

Sandra Marshall